Certified Construction

Soil Test and Analysis – WestWind Homes performs extensive soil test to determine the density of the soils where your home will be built. Third party geotechnical engineering firms,testing companies, and laboratories perform a variety of tests to ensure the soil offers sufficient support for your foundation.

Slump and Slurry Tests are performed by geotechnical firms to determine the consistency, texture, and overall strength of the concrete used for your foundation. Cylinders of the concrete used for your foundation are put under extreme pressure in accordance with strict testing methods to determine the pound per square inch.

Certified and Sealed Foundation and Framing Plans are reviewed and approved by a licensed professional engineer for structural integrity. Third party engineering firms inspect the homes™ foundation, framing, and roof structure before certifying that it meets their rigorous standards in accordance the International Residential Code Texas (IBC), the Texas Insurance Chapter 2210.251, and the 28 Texas Administrative Code 5.4604.

These are just a few of the reasons why more than a million square feet of WestWind Homes™ foundations have never failed!

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