WestWind Homes uses the most modern, energy saving products to reduce your energy costs and save you money without sacrificing comfort. Since 1993, Westwind Homes has been building Energy Star Award winning homes in Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley.

Air Cooling and Heating System

Our Homes come with HVAC systems crafted by the best manufacturers in the country. Additionally, we use metal elbows and ducts and seal them with high-grade mastic sealant to prevent leaks and air loss.
WestWind Homes installs energy efficient corning duct vents.
We use room vents with dampers to balance control of the air delivery and maximize your units cooling and heating efficiency.

Sealing System

Our homes are sealed with Polycel sealant around outside doors and around windows to maximize the air tightness of your home.
This highly effective sealant is also applied to the bottom base plate of the frame and windows of your home.
We further reduce air loss and leaks in your ducts by using metal duct elbows and mastic sealed ducts.
These modern techniques and products contribute greatly to the energy efficiency of your WestWind home.

Unique Ventilation System

WestWind uses a continuous vented perforated cement fiber soffit vent that is baffled in the attic to prevent obstruction and optimize the air flow.
Bath and kitchen exhaust vents are vented out through the roof with metal tubing and fittings thus reducing the odors and moisture into the attic.
WestWind Homes then uses high-quality turbine vents, to reduce attic temperature and increase air circulation throughout the attic.
This helps reduce your energy cost and extend the life of your roof shingles.

Blower Door Test

Westwind Homes have an independent firm conduct a blower door test to determine the home's air tightness.
A home that is tightly sealed reduces energy consumption and avoids moisture.

HERS Rating

Our homes get certified by a third party, independent Certified Energy Rater.
The rating firm inspects the insulation, lighting, appliance ratings, ceiling fans, and the major components of your heating and cooling system.
They incorporate the results of the Blower Door test and rate the homes energy efficiency based on a Uniform Energy Rating System.
Our homes receive 5-star rating over and over again.
See a sample of one of our 5 Star Rated Homes.
It's no wonder that WestWind Homes has been recognized as a pioneer in the home building industry.

Energy Star

program by the EPA. Truth is an energy star home saves you money making the dream of home ownership affordable long after the sale.

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