New homes in McAllen don’t need the typical winter maintenance required of homeowners in most of the nation. Spring though is a different story. Mild winter weather melts into gorgeous spring days where home maintenance isn’t a chore, it’s a pleasure. If your new home in McAllen is a WestWind home, it’s virtually maintenance-free. However, there are a few task all homes need. We hope our checklist will help you get to know your McAllen home this spring.

Air Conditioner

WestWind’s new homes in McAllen come with high SEER energy efficient heating and air conditioning, programmable digital thermostats, LoE2 Insulated double-pane windows and a lot of other features designed to make your air conditioner more than up to cooling your home year after year. You can make sure it stays at its best and keep your cooling bills low by doing the following.

Change Your Filter

Your air filter is in your return air duct or blower compartment so it’s easy to access. Changing it will extend the life of your HVAC unit, keep cooling costs down, maintain healthy air quality and keep your HVAC system clean.

Even if you just moved into your home a few months ago, you may still need a new filter. A/C filters catch pet and people hair, pollen, indoor odors, dust particles and other things you don’t want in your home.

Before you open the compartment where it’s located, turn off your air conditioning system so you don’t suck up any dirt that gets knocked loose. Most of the time, you’ll find your filter’s dimensions written on its frame. If for some reason they’re not there or they have become too faded to read, you can find them with a measuring tape.

Lay your filter flat on the ground and measure length and width to the nearest inch. Then measure the skinny edge. Write down the measurements in this order: length x width x depth. Next, check McAllen Lowe’s, Home Depot or Wal-Mart for the right size. Replace it the same way you took it out and you’re good to go.

Wash Your Outdoor Unit

Again, new homes in McAllen haven’t had much time to experience the elements, but you want to form good maintenance habits from the very beginning. Summers are scorching in McAllen and humidity stays high year-round. If your outdoor unit gets dirty, the coils can’t efficiently pull in air. Shut off the breaker, then use your garden hose to rinse away dirt, twigs and other debris.

Prevent Ants

Ants like electricity. Treat the area around your outdoor unit with insect repellant.


New homes in McAllen are still vulnerable to spring storms. We’ve had a few already this year with the power to tear off shingles and roof flashing. Grab a pair of binoculars and visually inspect your roof from the ground.

If you’ve lived in your home for a few years or more, your trees might need some attention. If branches stretch over the top of your roof, they need to be trimmed back. Otherwise, they could fall on your home or scrape at your shingles.

If you have them, don’t forget to clean your gutters. Get a safe, sturdy ladder and work your way along your roofline removing accumulated twigs and leaves.

Indoor Maintenance Checklist

Your indoor appliances all came with owner’s manuals from the manufacturer. You were probably too busy to read them when you moved in, but see if you can find them now. Even if appliances are under warranty, the manual will tell you how to keep up your end of the bargain.

For example, some water heaters need to be drained yearly so sediment doesn’t build up in the bottom of the tank. Your dishwasher may require additives or a filter change to keep getting dishes sparkling clean. Spring is a great time to freshen everything up. Here are other items for your spring maintenance checklist.

  • Check and clean your clothes dryer vent.
  • Clean and check smoke alarms, replacing batteries if necessary.
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors
  • Freshen sink drains by pouring diluted bleach and water down them. If you don’t have that on hand, use warm water and baking soda.
  • Clean windows and window tracks to remove any grit that settled in last season.
  • Check landscaping and outdoor features. With a new home, sometimes settling occurs. Make sure water still drains efficiently.
  • Touch up paint. Sometimes when movers carry in furniture, they ding door frames and walls. Spring is a good time to make repairs.
  • Watch out for termites! Most species swarm on warm days with calm winds after a rainfall. The’ll munch on new McAllen homes as happily as they will on old ones. If you see signs, call an expert before they have a chance to do real damage.

WestWind Homes builds new homes in McAllen communities like Hibiscus Hill and Plantation Gap. If you haven’t already found your dream home, let us help you start your search today.


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