So you’ve decided you want to buy a home, and it would be nice if that home were brand new. You’ve heard about all the potential headaches that come with designing and constructing a home. You don’t want to risk the potential of unforeseen problems that cut into your budget. Also, you’re ready to move now. You want a move-in ready home in Laredo.

What is a Move In Ready Home?

A move in ready home in Laredo is just what it sounds like. It’s 100 percent complete and ready for you to take residence. They’re for sale today, not months down the road. You could make an offer when you find the one you like and bring in your furniture as soon as you close.

Business Dictionary defines a move-in ready home as a “house or property that is ready for immediate occupancy. A property in this condition must meet all requirements by the city or governing municipality as a habitable dwelling, which usually includes operable plumbing, electricity, locking doors and windows and passing certain required inspections.” For you, that means a quick move-in to a new home without the wait that typically comes with new construction.

What Type of Features Can You Get With Move In Ready Homes?

Some people think a move in ready home in Laredo just comes with the basics. They expect a cookie cutter spec home with budget finishes. That’s far from the truth when you buy a WestWind home. Each one of our homes is different and constructed with you in mind. Here are some of the features you’ll see when you tour our move-in ready homes.

  • Crown molding
  • Fully tiled shower in Master Bath
  • Quality inspections on foundation and framing
  • Bedrooms pre-wired and braced for ceiling fans, plus plenty of switches and conveniently placed cable and telephone outlets
  • Stainless steel kitchen sinks with Moen faucets
  • Hardwood front cabinets
  • Pre-plumbed water supply for refrigerator and ice maker
  • Attractive landscaping with plants like Red Yucca, Queen Palm and Dwarf Fountain Grass
  • Multiple interior/exterior color schemes

And that’s just a start. Each home comes with lots of extras that delight buyers on move-in. Everything we use in home construction is extreme high quality and design, so you can enjoy your home for a lifetime.


Benefits of a Move In Ready Home in Laredo

You might be trying to decide whether you should buy a move in ready home in Laredo or work with a realtor to check out other homes for sale. At WestWind Homes, we know a home is an extremely personal choice. There’s a different “best” fit for every individual and every family. We encourage you to explore all your options so you’re sure you’re making the best choice. Previous customers say they’re thrilled they chose one of our quick move-in homes for the following reasons:

Immediate enjoyment

Once you find the home of your dreams, you’re not going to be happy until you’re moving in. There could be a home already waiting for you.

See Exactly What You’re Getting

Building a home can be a thrilling process, but it can also be nerve-wracking. We have programs that can help buyers visualize homes we construct and models they can walk through, but it’s not the same as viewing a home that’s already complete. You don’t have to visualize paint colors from a tiny sample. You can tell how sunlight plays across surfaces throughout the day. Your kids can check out the back yard and pick their rooms. It’s all there for you to see and approve.

Upgraded Features

When you build a home, the base price is for standard features. It’s like the standard features when you buy a car. If you add upgrades later, each one has an additional cost.  Our move-in ready homes in Laredo already come with upgraded features. Depending on what home you choose, you get things like high-end light fixtures and faucets, premium flooring and upgraded hardware.

Cost-Effective New Construction

When people build a new home on their own property and add in everything they want, it typically costs more than buying a home that’s already complete. You’ve probably heard stories about people who decided to build, then found their lot required extensive dirt work, construction delays from weather cost money or fluctuating prices on materials cut into their budget. We’re experienced homebuilders working in carefully planned subdivisions. Our move-in ready homes can keep you from exceeding your budget while still giving you all the benefits of new construction.

Less Stress

When you build a custom home, you have to make all the decisions. Some people want that level of control, but for others, it can be overwhelming. If you want to have a say in everything from the driveway material and shape to which light switches have dimmers, you might want to start from scratch. But our team of designers already did a great job of thinking those things through. Often people say choosing a quick move in home saved them a lot of stress.

Easy Personalization

Choose the home that fits your needs and budget, then add your own style. Spread color with an accent wall, throw pillows and window treatments. Use built-ins to display the collectibles you’ve been storing away. Hang snapshots of your life on the walls and roll out your favorite rug. Your new home is like a premium canvas you can turn into whatever you want it to be.

Community incentives

You’re getting more than just a house when you buy a move in ready home in Laredo. Our communities come with sought-after amenities that make every day better. Green Ranch is near the Max Mandel Golf Course, shopping and entertainment. Lomas Heights has a neighborhood park, wide sidewalks and excellent schools.

Your home is in a neighborhood full of other new homes, which is great for property values. You’ll find yourself living next to families like yours with similar interests. Plus, we designed our communities near plenty of opportunities for both work and play.

Shop Move In Ready Laredo Homes Today

Another benefit of looking at our move in ready Laredo homes is how easy it is to compare and contrast the ones in which you’re interested. When people work with a realtor, scheduling viewings can be a problem. If the home is occupied, they have to coordinate with the current owner. Realtors aren’t always available when you are. Plus, if you want to go back for a second look, sometimes that isn’t possible the same day.

We want to help you find the perfect home, and we’re available to look as many times as you need. If you want to make multiple visits to compare and measure space for your furniture, we’re happy to accommodate. When you select your home, we can help you obtain financing, even if you’ve had credit issues in the past.

See homes that are available now in Laredo on our website. Or get in touch to schedule an appointment today.

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