People who buy a new home in Laredo say one of the things they’re most looking forward to is having a great yard. It’s one of the perks of home ownership — you can do whatever you want, and you start with a blank canvas. Thoughtful landscaping shows off your sense of style and adds value to your home. It provides space for play or entertaining and welcomes you home at the end of a long day.

But it doesn’t happen automatically. Landscaping takes money to plant. Then it requires time and maintenance to achieve its full potential.

Planning New Home Landscaping

Start planning landscaping for your new home in Laredo well before you finish construction. Whether you’re hiring a professional or doing the work yourself, sometimes the hardest part is seeing the big picture.

Plan your landscaping much like you did your interior choices. Think about your lifestyle and your hopes and dreams for your new home in Laredo. If you always wanted to build a treehouse for your kids or grow a vegetable garden, will your landscaping make that possible? If you envisioned having a backyard full of friends and neighbors while you tended the grill, what’s the best layout for your space?

For some people, privacy is a priority, so they want shrubbery that creates a living screen. Others have plans for a pool or water feature. You might want all shrubbery away from your windows for an unobstructed view. All those choices will help you plan landscaping that enhances your new home enjoyment.

Note how your home faces and how the sun travels across the sky. Sketch out areas that will receive full sun and those that will be in shade for much of the day. One of the keys to having landscaping that thrives is placing plants according to the amount of sunlight they need.

Placing Trees and Shrubs

Start your planning with exterior surfaces like decks, patio areas, gazebos and swimming pools. You might also have a retaining wall or outdoor living area to design around. Then place trees. Buy the largest ones your budget allows, you’ll be glad you did. Plan to plant them at least 20 feet away from your home to avoid foundation problems from roots down the road. It will also help keep leaves out of your gutters and overhanging branches away from your roof.

Think carefully about your tree choices. Deciduous trees drop leaves you’ll have to rake every fall. Fruit trees can be messy. If you plant trees that aren’t freeze-resistant, you may have to wrap them in a protective covering a few times every year.

Next, you’re ready for foundation plantings like hedges and flowers. Remember everything is going to grow and expand, so don’t cram too many into a space. For best results, choose plants that are native to our area. They’ll thrive without a lot of maintenance. Talk to your landscaping expert about upkeep concerns and special requests like planting to attract pollinators or deter pests.

Don’t forget landscape lighting. Use it to highlight focal points on your new home in Laredo, illuminate walkways and deter intruders.

Don’t Forget Your HOA

If your new home in Laredo is in a neighborhood with a home owner’s association, they may have guidelines for landscaping. In some situations, you’ll need approval before you implement your landscaping plans. Check with them to find out if there are any rock or mulch color requirements, tree and plant species restrictions or installation timelines.

The Cost of Landscaping Your New Home in Laredo

The cost of landscaping is pretty much like everything else. You can do whatever you want, but the bigger and more elaborate your plan, the more it costs.

After construction, your new home in Laredo is surrounded by dirt. One of the most cost-effective ways to get ground coverage is to plant grass seed. Whether that will work for you depends on your wants and needs. You have a range of grass options, but you’ll have to wait for that seed to sprout. If you plant during the rainy season, that seed could wash away. If it’s dry, you’ll have to water frequently.

Sod gives immediate coverage and resists erosion. You can plant it any time, but it also needs watering. You get instant gratification, but it costs more than seed.

If your budget is limited, remember you don’t have to buy everything at once. When you add landscaping gradually over a period of years, it allows you to grow into your space and stretch your budget. Plant a few trees and shrubs, then mulch the rest to prevent weeds. Gradually phase out mulch as your landscaping expands.

Landscaping That Grows With You

There’s nothing like moving into a brand new home. But there’s also a quiet joy that comes with living in a place season after season, year after year. Over time, you’ll notice things you didn’t at first about your new home in Laredo. Your yard will change as rain falls and years pass. You’ll find yourself spending time in areas you didn’t anticipate and notice sections that could stand improvement. Expect your landscaping to evolve.

If you’re just starting to explore the possibility of buying a new home in Laredo, we can help. Check out the communities WestWind Homes is working in currently, then get in touch to find the one that’s right for you.


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