Should you buy an AltaVista Townhome? If you’ve toured these two and three-bedroom townhomes at Escondido, you already know they’re spacious, luxurious and close to everything Laredo has to offer. What you might not know is how much they can make your life more convenient, comfortable and affordable. Check out these benefits.

Own Your Space

Laredo residents want a place to tuck their kids in at night, somewhere they can walk their dog, paint the walls whatever color they want, maybe even plant an herb garden. An AltaVista Townhome provides all the advantages and benefits of homeownership.

You have more privacy and security than you would in an apartment building. There’s no one above or below you, so your home’s interior stays as quiet as you want it to be. You know your neighbors, and they don’t come and go. They’re as invested in taking care of the community as you are.

One of the biggest benefits of owning over renting is that you build equity. At the same time as you’re paying down what you owe on your AltaVista townhome, your property is also going up in value. When you rent, if one day you decide to move out, you have nothing to show for each month’s payment. AltaVista townhomes are in a desirable location and built with long-term value in mind. If you decide to relocate, there’s a good chance you can sell your property for more than you paid for it, and that amount goes back in your pocket.

Spend Less on Your AltaVista Townhome

AltaVista Townhomes are roomy, with between 1,632 square feet and 1,772 square feet, depending on whether you choose a two or three-bedroom. But they cost less to own than a similar home with the same square footage.

Basically, you’re only responsible for maintenance needs that happen inside your walls and exposed exteriors. You own your land, but the Home Owner’s Association takes care of shared driveways, common areas and other public spaces.

All WestWind Homes are known for their energy efficiency, but an AltaVista Townhome may be the most efficient of all. Because you share a wall with your neighbor, your home loses less heated or cooled air to the outside. Everyone spends less on utilities.

Enjoy Upgraded Interiors

WestWind Homes come with some of the most in-demand interior features available. Spacious, walk-in closets give you plenty of room for clothes and anything else you need to store. Our bathrooms offer an escape from everyday stresses with gorgeous tile, walk-in showers, spacious vanities and attractive lighting.

Each home has a professionally engineered and designed foundation, with quality inspections performed by 3rd party independently licensed inspectors. Ceramic tile floors, 9-foot ceilings on the ground floor, Low-E windows, Moen faucets and hardwood front cabinets all come standard. Many homes already have upgrades like an optional sprinkler system.

Access Community Amenities

When you buy a home in a typical neighborhood, sometimes that home is all you get. An AltaVista townhome comes with amenities that enrich daily living. You get to enjoy them, but you don’t have to worry about maintaining them – your HOA takes on that responsibility. And, as an HOA member, you receive an ownership interest in those amenities. You have unrestricted access, and you only share that access with your neighbors.

Gated access means more security and less traffic. Neighbors come to know the vehicles that are supposed to be driving through and the ones that aren’t. Your kids can play in the front yard, roller skate in the driveway and bike down the sidewalk without you having to worry what might happen to them. They get to experience the childhood freedom you remember, something that’s not possible in many Texas neighborhoods.

You don’t have to maintain a large yard, but you have plenty of room for outdoor entertaining. When you buy an AltaVista townhome, you can use community picnic and BBQ areas for birthday parties, family reunions or anything else you choose.

Imagine a healthier life connected to nature. Community trails are perfect for walking, jogging or biking. While AltaVista Townhomes are minutes from dining, shopping and job opportunities, you wouldn’t know it because of the serenity provided by the generous greenbelt area.

Community amenities are another way owning a townhome saves you money. If they weren’t available to your community, you would have to pay to use them elsewhere or share them with anyone else who wanted to use them. Our amenities are exclusively for community use, and they don’t cost every time you choose to use them.

Convenient Location

Your AltaVista townhome is nestled on the shores of Lake Casa Blanca with easy access to the Lake Casa Blanca International State Park. There you can water ski, boat, fish, hike, bird watch and camp. The Texas Parks and Wildlife managed State Park has group facilities that can host up to 200. It also has nature trails, a swimming area and a packed events calendar.

With so many opportunities for outdoor adventure, you wouldn’t expect to find so many urban amenities right around the corner. Here are just a few of the nearby attractions our residents enjoy.

Laredo International Airport

Some of our residents buy an AltaVista Townhome because they travel frequently, and the community is within minutes of Laredo International Airport. From there, you can travel to pretty much anywhere on the planet. Allegiant, American Airlines and United offer daily flights to Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas and beyond.

If you are a frequent traveler, it benefits you to live in a tight-knit community where residents look out for each other. Let your neighbor know you’re leaving so he or she can keep an eye on your place, and let your home owner’s fees pay for yard maintenance while you’re gone.

Texas A&M International University (TAMIU)

This university situated on the U.S./Mexico border regularly receives nationwide recognition. Washington Monthly College Guide ranked it among the top ten best bang for the buck among Southern colleges. Financeopedia put it in sixth place for low net price. Zippia says TAMIU is one of Texas’ best colleges for getting jobs. If that’s where you decide to attend or to send your college student, it’s just a quick drive up 59 from your AltaVista townhome.

Laredo Entertainment Arena

When you want entertainment, take a short drive on Bob Bullock Loop 20 to Sames Auto Arena. The multi-purpose arena has seating for more than 10,000. It provides a venue for business conventions, concerts, sporting events, theatrical shows and other activities.

Easy Shopping Access

It’s great to be close to concerts, travel opportunities and education, but you need more than that on a daily basis. AltaVista residents don’t have to go far to pick up groceries, school supplies or any of the other items necessary for everyday living. If you start supper and realize you forgot a key ingredient, Wal-Mart is just around the corner. When you need emergency supplies for a school project at the last minute, Target is just as close.

CARe Team

Everyone who buys a WestWind Home receives the added benefit of a 24-hour Customer Assistance Response Team (CARe). If something goes wrong at your AltaVista townhome outside of business hours, you don’t have to wait until Monday morning to get help.

Our team answers the phone around the clock. The goal is to respond to your call within half an hour, to help you determine if the situation is an emergency, to offer possible solutions and, if needed, to come help within an hour.

That means if your air conditioner stops cooling when it’s 101 degrees in Laredo, we’ll send someone to fix it. If your water heater electricity goes out, we can help you troubleshoot. You’re never alone trying to solve the problems that inevitably occur with homeownership.

Shop AltaVista Townhomes For Sale

AltaVista Townhomes provide Laredo residents with one of the most affordable, hassle-free routes to homeownership. Shop move-in ready townhomes for sale online or reach out to one of our representatives to schedule a tour.

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